Tranquil and Pleasurable Experience 11225

Midwest Region

Nestled on 114 acres and boasting 25 years of ownership, our haven features 200 inviting sites for those seeking a tranquil and pleasurable retreat. Whether you're yearning for a brief day escape or a leisurely vacation with loved ones, this is your ideal destination. Commitment is to create an exceptional experience for guests and your companions, ensuring that each weekend becomes a memorable respite from the routine of home life. Discover the diverse charm of this destinations, ranging from vibrant urban settings to the quaint allure of small towns. With open arms, travel and tourism partners ready to make your stay truly special.


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  • Owners or Managers Residence
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Nestled conveniently near the interstate, this  campground offers a budget-friendly retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. Rates on the lower side, it caters to a diverse range of visitors seeking a tranquil escape, leaving plenty orf room for rate increases. The campground, under the dedicated ownership of the current proprietor for an impressive 25 years, reflects a commitment to quality service and a well-maintained environment.

With a family-oriented atmosphere, the campground provides a welcoming haven for visitors of all ages. The owners' residence on-site ensures a personal touch to the management, emphasizing a sense of community. The spacious grounds leave room for potential expansion, allowing the campground to grow and adapt to the evolving needs of its guests.

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Adjusted Net Operating Income

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Gross Sales
Operating Cost
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Net Operating Income ($)

Adjusted Net Operating Income

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Year: 2022
Gross Sales: Available
Operating Cost: Available
Cap Rate: Available
Net Operating Income ($): Available

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