Campground Marketplace FAQ

What are "Favorites"?

Registered users can now save their favorite campgrounds to their member account for quick access and review later. You have to be a registered user on the site to utilize this feature. We recommend favoriting a park, instead of requesting documentation if you are not sure if that is the right campground, rv park, resort or marina.

Just log in or register on the site and you can save a park from the listings for future review and comparison by clicking the flag icon in the preview or in the full listing. Quickly navigate to your favorites by clicking the favorites flag:

  • In the header on the top right
  • The Fav tab on the left in a listing
  • In your member account

Are you having a hard time getting approved as a Qualified Buyer?

If you are trying to request a Campground’s financial, tax & other pertinent sale documentation but you can't find the documents, then you are likely not approved yet.

In order to request the financial and business documentation, you will need to fill out a short criteria request form for our records and assist us in our buyer matching program as well as to protect the seller’s privacy and sensitive data. Every listing will have a request form at the bottom of the listing. You only have to fill out the form one time.

Once you fill out the Buyer Criteria form, you will need to be approved before the specific campgrounds sale documentation becomes available in your member account. This is not an automated process in order to protect all our users, so the request could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on what time of day it is and how many requests are being processed. 

Buyer Tips!

  • When you are approved, you will receive a notification in the email account you registered with on the site.
  • Once approved, navigate to your member account and the campground you requested will be listed under the ‘Qualified Listings’ tab on the left-hand navigation. From that link, you can scroll through the listing to find your documentation for viewing and/or download.
  • Please do not request additional property information until your first requested property documents appear in the ‘Qualified Listings’ tab in your user account.​
  • For additional campground documentation requests you again, just scroll through the campground listing and instead of the Buyer Criteria Request, you simply have to click the “Request Additional Info” button at bottom of the listing and your request will be reviewed and approved through the same process as the first request.

What are some common problems using the site?


The most common problem with registering as a member on The Campground Marketplaces site is simply, email. Email that either gets input into the form incorrectly or gets sent to your spam/junk folders and lost. We recommend adding the 'info@thecampgroundmarketplace.com' address to your address book/contacts in order to ensure future communications deliverability.

If you are expecting an email from info@thecampgroundmarketplace.com and you don’t get one within a few minutes:

  1. Try refreshing your email application to get new emails added with either the “Get Email”, “Refresh”, “Send/Receive”, F9", etc. to request your email client to update.
  2. Check your spam or junk folders for an email from The Campground Marketplace, or search your email application inbox and all folders.
  3. If you don’t receive an email from The Campground Marketplace within 10 minutes please let us know by hitting the contact form, or send an email to info@thecampgroundmarketplace.com with your specific issue and we can assist you.

Feel free to check back here when experiencing issues as we will add tips and problem solutions to this post as we learn more about user experiences.

What kind of campgrounds, RV parks or resorts are available?

Campgrounds and RV parks are typically identified as a destination, modern, clothing-optional, primitive, sport/adventure, Independent or Franchise and Seasonal or All Year/Annual businesses. The type of guests they attract can be described as seasonal, resident, overnight, club/group, primitive, escapees, tourists and more.

Does The Campground Marketplace help with financing the purchase of the campground?

We don't specifically finance the transactions but we can assist with identifying your needs and objectives and recommending trusted institutions we have experienced in our 48 years of business.

Why would I want to buy a campground, RV park or resort?

  • Occupation Change
  • Retirement Vehicle
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Great market conditions

How long does it take to buy a campground, rv park or resort?

It can take up to two years to find what you are looking for in a campground, RV park or resort because there are no two alike. Call us for specifics on financing or for more information on our marketing.

What is a "Profile" on The Campground Marketplace?

A "Profile" or "Member Account" on The Campground Marketplace is a registered user on the site. Someone who has completed the registration process by filling out the Registration Form, confirmed their identity through their email address, and has access to a member account when logged in.

What is a member account on The Campground Marketplace?

A "Member Account" on The Campground Marketplace is a registered user on the site. A member is someone who has completed the registration process by filling out the Registration Form, confirmed their identity through their email address, and has access to a member account when logged in.

What is an Exclusive Marketing Agreement on The Campground Marketplace?

An Exclusive Marketing Agreement is a contractual agreement between an owner/seller and The Campground Marketplace to exchange all the features and benefits of the live site's featured listing on the site and full-service offerings of The Campground Marketplace expert marketing consultants to prepare a seller and the property/business for a sale, to market the site using all the tools available to The Campground Marketplace and use a database grown from over fifty years of campground marketing to find and present the campground to the right prospective buyers through its buyer matching program in exchange for a negotiated fee on the final selling price. To learn more, click here to give us a call! 

What is a Qualified Buyer on The Campground Marketplace?

A “Qualified Buyer” on The Campground Marketplace's website is a user who has filled out the Buyer Criteria Form on the first campground they were interested in receiving the financial and sale documents available for that listing. The Buyer Criteria form is only needed one time to establish the interests, wants, needs and capabilities of the buyer in order to be successfully matched with parks either now or in the future. After the Buyer Criteria form is filled out a marketing consultant will review the data and either approve the campground documents request or call the buyer directly to direct them to a more suitable campground based on their needs. 

Once you have filled out the Buyer Criteria Form the first time you will not need to fill that form out again, the subsequent Campground Document Requests can be requested on a per listing basis with a simple single click in the listing when you are logged into the site.  You can only request one park initially. Until you have been approved and received a notification or the listing appears in the “Qualified Listings” tab of your member account on the website will ask you to fill out the Buyer Criteria Form again and the original request will be overwritten.

In all instances of a documents request, when you have been approved for a park you will receive a notification in your registered email account indicating that your documents are available to view/download from your member's account area on the website. 

What is a Listing on The Campground Marketplace?

A “Listing” on The Campground Marketplace is the Campground, RV Park or Resort's profile displayed on the website either as a Featured Listing from The Campground Marketplace or a self-managed listing. All the listings offer photos, descriptions, details, amenities and property feature lists, as well as how to get more information from the site member or The Campground Marketplace.

How does The Campground Marketplace determine what my Campground or RV Park is worth?

Our featured park's pricing is based on a CAP Rate, which is similar to what banks and appraisers do in their evaluations. Reverse Engineering is used to determine value. Our preferred lenders review the seller's previous 3 years of tax returns and recommend a selling price, and provides a viable opportunity for prospective buyers.

We are able to show the value of your campground or RV park with:

  • NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • ROI (Return On Investment)
  • EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization)

Who is The Campground Marketplace?

The Campground Marketplace produces an online marketing solution for Campground, RV Parks, Resort and Marina properties that allows you to market your property across the world in an instant that is both secure and convenient. Our system excels at bringing buyers and sellers together across wide geographic locations. For more information about the business and people of The Campground Marketplace, visit our About page here.