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The Campground Marketplace has the largest inventory of parks and experienced staff to assist you in finding a park that meets your needs. With 50 years (established in 1971) of business experience and over 500 successful sales, we make the perfect partner. We just need to know what your criteria are in order to better help you.

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Do you know what you want?

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How The Campground Marketplace Helps Buyers

Once we understand your particular needs we will work within our campground contacts to match your criteria with a suitable seller but it takes time to find your dream situation. There are many types of campgrounds, RV parks and resorts; from family tourist destinations, adventure camps and seasonal RV parks. These parks are found all over the U.S. and we look across 6 regions, coast to coast, in the U.S. to help you find your dream.

Financing resources available

Price campgrounds based on Cash Flow (NOI)

Match buyers to the right properties based on your needs, wants and resources

23,000+ campgrounds and 8,000+ campground contacts

Working with buyers since 1971!

Work across all of North America, Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico

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All our available inventory is available on our Listings Page for you to browse and request more information. Each listing has a selection of photos, price, geographic region and the property’s features and amenities. If you are seriously considering purchasing a property and would like to know more, simply create a member account to unlock more photos, videos, virtual walk-throughs, full property descriptions and Cash Flow (NOI) information.

Our Current Listings

The Time Is Right to Buy A Campground

Increasing focus on the outdoors. More and more Americans have started spending more time in their yards and outdoor space and found they really liked it. The RV park and campground industry has benefitted and will continue to benefit from this new appreciation for the outdoors and traveling around the country.

The National Focus on Experiences. There is a movement in America towards spending less on buying “things” and instead focus on buying “experiences”. RV parks offer the ability to be much more active with friends and family, including sports, adventure, swimming, games, and outdoor dining.

New views on travel. Flying and staying in hotels has become less appealing and instead many consumers are preferring driving and staying in their own RV. This is unlikely to change going forward, as people find the joys of privacy and control of their surroundings an important part of their quality of life.

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