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CGMP Exclusive Contract

Our exclusive marketing agreement provides the direction to maximize equity for all the years of hard work, while our experienced marketing consultants promote the business for you! Established 1971 and with the largest online inventory of parks, The Campground Marketplace will add you to our list of over 500 campgrounds, resorts and RV parks sold in the last 50 years.

Important Campground Marketing Considerations

Pricing a park can take different approaches. We use the Cash Flow approach

We only need to know One Number – what is your True Bottom Line – With adjustments “verified” (CPA)

We understand that confidentiality is important. “We get it.”

We need to see your campground, RV park, resort or marina, to understand how best to promote it

We have our own aircraft and can get to you in a timely manner

We work with you to guide you through the marketing process

When you become exclusive with us, you will receive:

Showing your business opportunity anywhere, anyplace, and all the time

Professionally developed featured listing(s)

Access to our Buyer/Seller Matching Program

Valuation and market assessment assistance

Professional photo and video shoots

360 Virtual Tours take your business opportunity directly to interested parties

Let's Get Started!

We are confident that contacting us is the right choice, considering our extensive experience in the park sales industry spanning over five decades since 1971.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we make it a point to personally visit every park without imposing any obligation upon you. This hands-on approach allows us to truly understand the unique qualities and potential of each property.

Our nationwide travels have provided us with invaluable insights into various markets, enabling us to offer comprehensive evaluations and innovative ideas based on industry trends. By choosing our services, sellers are guided through a seamless transition to their next exciting venture.


Think About This

We know you have spent years of hard work building equity for a new future. We are an experienced team dedicated to marketing the opportunity to the next set of dreamers who are ready to realize their own vision for the future. We are the team with the experience, marketing ideas and expertise to get it done for you.

See you soon!

Thank you,
Harold Goehring