Gently preowned Wibit 26202

Midwest Region

Discover the ultimate aquatic delight for your campers! Unleash a world of watery fun with this fantastic water feature. Previously owned for only half a season, it's practically brand new and ready to elevate your campsite experience. Introducing Wibits – the perfect addition if your campsite boasts a body of water with a depth of around 7 feet. Imagine the joy on your campers' faces as they embark on an exhilarating journey through this captivating water wonderland. Whether it's their first visit or a repeat adventure, the Wibits water feature promises to infuse excitement and laughter into every camper's stay at your park. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a splash in their memories – grab this incredible water feature today!


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Discover the perfect storage solution for your Wibit – neatly organized on 3-4 pallets and meticulously shrink-wrapped to ensure optimal dry storage. Our priority is to maintain a controlled environment, free from any unwanted rodent presence.

Safeguard your investment with our cutting-edge 3L3 UV protectant. This advanced formula not only preserves the vinyl's moisture but also shields against fading and cracking, ensuring your Wibit remains in pristine condition.

To further ensure stability, we offer high-quality cement blocks that securely anchor straps and bags, giving you complete peace of mind.

And that's not all!  Additional services that you could look into: a professional installation team that is ready to set up and take down your Wibit as needed.

Choose excellence, choose reliability – choose our Wibit storage solution. Your aquatic adventures await, hassle-free.

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