Wild Southwest Wilderness Adventure 31645

Southwest Region

Experience 6-acre ranch nestled in a picturesque valley. This park features 15 RV sites and 4 deluxe cabins for a perfect getaway. Additionally, enjoy the thrill of horseback riding and ATV adventures on the leased 1500 acres of stunning landscape. If you cherish horses and crave an escape from the hustle, you have found the place.


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Discover a haven of rustic luxury with four charming cabins on the property. Additionally, you'll find three spacious pole barns—one dedicated to a shop, another for hay storage, and the third serving as a multifunctional space housing the owner's/manager's bunkhouse, office, laundry room, and ample storage. Step onto the patio/open-air pavilion, where a central dining room/lounge awaits. Guests can enjoy meals, either ordered from us or prepared on their own, engage in games, or connect seamlessly to WiFi. Welcome to a retreat that combines comfort and charm!

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