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Campers come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, with a more significant portion coming from the younger millennials and GenXers. 

Studies have shown that those who start camping early in life will continue this recreational activity for the rest of their lives. As more mature campers exit the scene, a new and younger set of adventure seekers will enter. The progressive cycle continues as camping becomes more and more popular. As such, the camping industry has a high demand that is continually growing over the years. Start browsing our listings and invest in this lucrative industry.

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So you’re thinking about purchasing a campground? We understand that it’s a big decision!

Our team of experts are here to help you understand the process from start to finish and find your perfect match. Keep scrolling to browse our current listings in the Midwest Region and learn everything you need to know before investing in a campground. We at The Campground Marketplace can help make it happen. 

Campgrounds for Sale in North Dakota (ND)

  • Find RV sites and campgrounds in and around Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks and more
  • House campers exploring the endless landscapes of North Dakota
  • Give campers exploring Theodore Roosevelt National Park or Lake Sakakawea a place to stay
  • Offer camping sites near the National Buffalo Museum

 Campgrounds for Sale in South Dakota (SD)

  • Find campgrounds for sale in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen and more
  • Offer tourists a campground resort near Mount Rushmore
  • Promote campgrounds to hikers in and around Badlands National Park
  • Entice visitors to stay at your campground located near the Wind Cave National Park, with attractions above and below ground

Campgrounds for Sale in Nebraska (NE)

  • Find campgrounds for sale near major cities like Omaha and Lincoln
  • Promote a family-friendly camping resort near Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
  • Attract travelers driving across Interstate 80
  • Purchase a campground only miles away from Lincoln’s Haymarket District

Campgrounds for Sale in Kansas (KS)

  • Find campgrounds and RV sites for sale in and around Wichita
  • Attract tourists visiting the Botanic Wichita Gardens
  • Offer a family-friendly park near the Sedgwick County Zoo

Campgrounds for Sale in Minnesota (MN)

  • Find campgrounds for sale in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and more
  • Market camping trips in Superior National Forest
  • Bring in boaters, fishers, hikers and more to see the North Shore Scenic Drive or the Paddle Voyageurs National Park
  • Attract tourists with campsites only a few miles away from the Mall of America
  • Promote a camp friendly to all ages located near the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

Campgrounds for Sale in Iowa (IA)

  • Explore RV resorts in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Davenport and more
  • Offer resorts near the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
  • Purchase campgrounds and RV lots near the Maquoketa Caves State Park to attract hikers

Campgrounds for Sale in Missouri (MO)

  • Find campgrounds for sale in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield and other cities
  • Offer tourists a camping site miles away from the Gateway Arch—AKA the “Gateway to the West”
  • Attract family-friendly visitors with campgrounds near the  St. Louis Zoo

Campgrounds for Sale in Illinois (IL)

  • Find campgrounds for sale surrounding Illinois’ major city—Chicago
  • Offer RV parks within traveling distance to major attractions like the Willis Tower, Millennium Park and the Magnificent Mile
  • Attract family vacationers with RV lots near the Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Promote the trails, scenic waterfalls and canyons of Starved Rock State Park

Campgrounds for Sale in Michigan (MI)

  • Find campgrounds and RV parks within travel distance of major cities like Grand Rapids, Detroit, Ann Arbor and more
  • Search beautiful campgrounds in the Upper Peninsula
  • Attract campers touring the Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • Find RV parks for sale near Traverse City and Mackinac Island

Campgrounds for Sale in Indiana (IN)

  • Find campgrounds and RV parks near Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne and more
  • Attract outdoor enthusiasts with campsites, hiking trails and remarkable scenery in Prophetstown State Park and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Offer a family-friendly campground or RV site for kids to explore the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo or the Children's Museum of Indianapolis
  • Promote summer and winter activities on the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Campgrounds for Sale in Ohio (OH)

  • Find RV resorts and campgrounds on the outskirts of major cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus
  • Attract thrill-seekers with canoeing, ziplining, rock climbing, cave exploring and hunting and more in Hocking Hills State Park
  • Offer a family-friendly experience with sites near the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
  • Search for campgrounds in and around Ohio’s outdoor tourist attractions, like Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Wayne National Forest and other famous parks

Campgrounds for Sale in Wisconsin (WI)

  • Search campgrounds for sale near Wisconsin’s major cities—Madison and Milwaukee
  • Find RV parks and resorts located between city attractions and outdoor adventures
  • Attract outdoor enthusiasts with boating, hiking and biking trails through the Wisconsin Dells, Land O’ Lakes, Copper Falls State Park and more

Are Campgrounds Good Investments?

While campgrounds are seasonal, like any resort and recreational center, they are cash businesses. With proper management and marketing, campgrounds will undoubtedly pay for themselves with stable returns on investment.

They are a very high-yielding investment, ranking as one of the highest-yielding investments in all real estate asset classes. A successful campground can be a source of creating an estate for your heirs to enjoy and for future generations, started only with your down payment and hard work. 

Non-Financial Reasons to Invest in Campgrounds

While profit earnings are certainly top of mind in any investment, campgrounds have personal benefits and improve the quality of life for those who own them. Most people who run RV parks and campgrounds say they’d run it for free since they find the experience enjoyable. 

  • Your campgrounds give people a wonderful experience away from home. The regular interaction with similar nature-loving and adventure-seeking people, in turn, gives you a wonderful experience.
  • For people who love being outdoors, hands-on RV park and campground owners will love tinkering with everything on your property. You will be working with your hands outside all the time.
  • Campgrounds serve as a second home away from home for you and your family. You will always have a vacation destination any time you want a break.

Start searching for your dream campground and RV park to own now. See a comprehensive listing of campground properties for investment.

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Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Campgrounds

Campgrounds give you much more control and freedom over your property. You can set the rules and regulations, and control rates and fees collected. You can evict tenants with just a few days’ notice if they break any rules. This type of real estate asset allows you a higher level of control and creates the kind of business model you deem best.

The Types of Tenants

Campground and RV park tenants are different from apartment rental tenants. Your campground tenants will not be long-staying tenants since they are merely camping. With more turnover of tenants, you are less likely to have issues collecting payment. Most campers even pre-pay their stay months beforehand. 

However, recreational tenants also have a different set of customer needs. The focus on delighting these customers is resolving problems as quickly as possible. They are more demanding, direct and expect immediate action. 

Seasonal Income

While apartment rentals provide a steady and stable income stream, campgrounds and RV parks are seasonal. Depending on the location of your site, you will see peaks and drops with the passing season. Most RV park owners see a rise in visitors between late spring and early autumn. Innovative campground owners have found ways to accommodate guests even during winter.

How to Buy a Campground Lot

Researching campground lots and the buying process itself can be confusing. Here is a simple walkthrough of the steps to purchase your dream RV park.

Decide on the Type of Park You Want

The location of your choice will determine the kind of campground or RV park you will develop. Check the tourist attractions in the area, the foot traffic, and the propensity to spend of the regular tourists there. Decide on the size of the campground and whether you will need to hire a staff to work with you.

Organize Your Finances

Set your goals by checking your finances. How much down payment can you afford? Do you have extra cash to fix the property? How much do you want to make in a year?

Build Your Campground Team

Now is the best time to seek the counsel of campground experts. The Campground Marketplace can assist you in finding a suitable campground lot. We can help you with marketing services, gathering required paperwork, and guiding you through pitfalls and other issues.   

Secure Financing

Be ready with a 20% to 30% down payment and seek financing from two possible routes: traditional bank financing or owner financing. The Campground Marketplace can assist you by referring you to trusted institutions they have worked with for nearly 50 years. 

Look for Campgrounds

Register with The Campground Marketplace to access the largest inventory of campgrounds from different popular locations. Create an account so you can see all listings, save your favorite campgrounds, and review and compare properties. 

Make an Offer

When you’ve set your heart on the campground of your choice, make an offer. Get your property in order and start your marketing efforts to get bookings quickly.

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Rely on the largest and most experienced campground marketing company to help you every step of the way. With over 50 years of solid experience in the industry, Campground Marketplace is your best option to provide integrated solutions to buy, sell, and market your campground property.

Work with the experts that market the largest inventory of campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts. We have an experienced team who can match you with the property to suit your needs and budget. 

Owning a campground or an RV park can be very profitable if done right. If you are not averse to socializing with customers and you love being in the outdoors, this investment is certainly for you. The seasonal nature of the business keeps you very busy during peak months. Still, it allows you to focus your energies on something else during slow months.

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