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Our park's pricing is based on a CAP Rate like which is similar to what banks and appraisers do in their evaluations. Reverse Engineering is used to determine value. Our preferred lenders reviews the seller's previous 3 years of tax returns and recommends a selling price, which giving us a bank able business opportunity.

With your criteria we can save you Time,Travel and unnecessary expenses.

With over 45 years of successful business and over 500 successful sales, we can make your choice easier.

We have the experience you are looking for, and we see a very strong future in the campground industry.

Make that call 616-443-8233

Don't be fooled by other companies claiming to have many years of experience; Only Campground Marketplace has over 45 years of dedicated experience. We will assist you every step of the way leading to a sucessful closing.

View properties from all over the country and Canada

Feel secure. We have an unblemished record of confidentiality and good business practices. We will gladly give you references of past clients.

See the latest parks to come on the market. We are very competitive in seeking new listings.

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